Loan Without BVN (5 Loan Apps to Get Instant Loan Without BVN)

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Are you having financial problem and can’t have access to loan because you don’t have BVN. You don’t have to worry any more this article is for you. Updatebriefly will educate you on how you can collect instant loan without BVN and the best apps where you can get this loans.

Can I Get Instant Loans Without BVN?

Ofcourse you can get instant loan without BVN. There are loanapps where you can get loans without providing BVN and those apps will be listed below. All you need is valid means of identification, Phone Number and and bank Account to get your loans approved.

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What is BVN?

Bank Verification Number better known for BVN is a unique 11 digit number issued by CBN through banks to citizens for verification. It is used to record users financial details and also to track fraudulent financial activities. This verification number is not only isseud to Nigeria. It is only isseud to Foreigner who desire to bank there money with Nigeria banks.

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Loan Without BVN

How to Get Loan Without BVN in Nigeria

There are top rated loan apps where you can collect loan Without BVN in Nigeria. But there are other requirements you need to provide in other to collect loans from the apps and they are listed Below:

  • Phone Number
  • Government Issued I.D
  • Account Number
  • Guarantor or Collateral.
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Top 5 Loan App Without BVN in Nigeria.

  1. Fairmoney Loan App
  2. okash Loan App
  3. Alat by Wema App
  4. JumiaPay App
  5. Aella Credit Loan App.

Other Laons App You Can Collect Instant Loan Without BVN

  1. CarrotPay App
  2. Eyowo Loan App
  3. Zuma Cash Loan App
  4. Moneycredit App
  5. CreditUp App etc.

Can Loan App Block My BVN

People have been asking this question if loans app can block there BVN well the answer is NO. LoanApp can’t block your BVN your BVN can only be blocked by Central Bank of Nigeria. But endeavor to pay loan when it’s due.


There are other platforms where you can obtain loans without providing your BVN datails. Your BVN details should be oriveate it’s not something you are to share with third party because you can easily be defrauded with your BVN details.

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