Kiakia Loan App: How to Get Instant Loan Without Collateral.

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What is Kiakia loan App?

Kiakia loan App is an online loan platform that borrows people short term loan for business or personal purpose.

Kiakia is an awesome app, I love the fact that it is strictly for lending and it keeps the user focused. The interface is beautiful, simple and intuitive. I was particularly impressed with how Quick and easy it was to fund a loan. Along multiple options for laon repayment too. There interest on low is very low as well.

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Is Kiakia loan App Legit?

Yes, Kiakia loan app is legit. We scored them based on reviews from users we didn’t see any negative report about them from users. Reports like defaming,high interest on loan, bridging the terms of loan and defrauding customers. So feel free to collect money from this loan app.

Kiakia loan

Kiakia Loan App Requirement

You need to meet the following requirements or have the following documents in other to be eligible for a kiakia loan.

  • Government Issued I.D.
  • You must be a Citizen of Nigeria.
  • Proof or Income Statement
  • Bank Account with any Nigeria Bank.
  • Bank Verification Number (BVN).
  • ATM Card.
  • Working Email Account.
  • You must be 18 years and above.
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How to Apply For Kiakia Loan

There are 2 (two) method to apply for a kiakia loan.

  • Kiakia Loan Application through App
  • Kiakia Loan Applied through Web

Kiakia loan Application Through App

Follow the step below to apply for kiakia loan through App.

  • Go-to Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Search Kiakia Loan App.
  • Download and Launch the app.
  • Follow the Instructions on the Screen and complete registration.

Kiakia Loan Application through Web

Follow the steps below to apply for kiakia loan through Web.

  • Visit the Official Website HERE and create an account with them. Make sure your details are accurate.
  • Start your registration with them on the site.
  • Upload a valid government issued I.D Card.
  • Enter Loan amount.
  • Select the loan duration.
  • Upload proof of income if you are into business while Salary earners are to upload proof of salary.
  • Read the Loan terms and Conditions and Click ACCEPT. If the loan terms is okay with you
  • Authenticate your Bank Account.
  • Your loan will be credited instantly.
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Frequently Asked Questions on Kiakia Loan

How much can I get from Kiakia Loan?

For starters you can get between #5000 to #10000 and can be increased to millions once you are prompt with repayment.

What is Kiakia loan Interest Rate?

The interest rate is between 5.6% to 24%. Interest on laon is determined by laon duration, the longer the duration the higher the interest.

Loan Repayment For Kiakia loan

For starters it is usually 7-30 days and can be increased to Quarterly and Biannually.


Kiakia loan is really what you should look at when looking for short term loan. If you collect loans and redem your loan on repayment date promptly you stand a chance to get annual laons from them to pay installmentaly. Take your time and go through our reviews on other loan Apps like EasyCredit Loan App Reviews,9credit Loan App reviews and Okash Loan App review.



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