List of Fake Loan Apps In Nigeria 2024 (Updated List)

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List Of Fake Loan Apps In Nigeria Updated List 2023

Before you download of collect loans from any loan apps, you need to know the banned and fake loan apps. This article introduces it’s reader to the List of Fake Loan Apps in Nigeria. In 2022 so many loan company/App where banned in Nigeria by the National Data Protection Bureau (NDPB) in collaboration with Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). Due to there fraudulent act, high loan percentage and defaming of there customers. So we advice you take your time and go through this article so that you won’t fall Victim of this circumstance.

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List of Fake loan apps in Nigeria

How to Identify Fake Loan Apps in Nigeria

There are various ways you can identify this fake loan apps and they are listed Below:

  1. High Interest in Loan: this fake apps charge high interest on low. Some of this apps hide interest on loans while some will charge you 25% above for a month loan duration. Please if you notice any of this kindly delete such app or decline such loan.
  2. App not Available in App store: some of this loan apps are not available in app store due to they are banned. Once you can’t find any loan on app store pls do not apply for laon with such app.
  3. Negative Reviews from users: some of this loan app are available on app store. So we suggeyyiu go through people’s review about this loan company before proceeding to collect money from them.
  4. Fake Branch or Location Address: this is another red flag you should notice. Before you collect loan we advice you try knowing if this company have any physical address or branch locations please you you can’t find any do not collect kaon from them.
  5. Undisclosed Loan Terms and Conditions: make sure sure you read through the loan terms and conditions before accepting loan offer. If you can’t find the loan terms and conditions please do not collect kaon from such company.
  6. Request of Sensitive information like debit card details, Sending OTP from your bank to them,your ATM pin. Please do not share such vital information.
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List of Fake Loan Apps in Nigeria 2023

  1. Chacha
  2. EasyCredit
  3. Here4U
  4. Spotpay
  5. Gocash
  6. Soko Loan
  7. GoCash
  8. 9credit
  9. GGMoney
  10. PalmCash
  11. ForNaira
  12. Lcredit
  13. BorrowNow
  14. NairaPlus
  15. LendCash
  16. BorrowMoney
  17. CashWallet
  18. Angel Loan
  19. CycleCash
  20. CashMall etc.

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