Ecobank Ussd Code, Transfer Code For Mobile Banking (Updated)

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This article introduce it’s readers to Ecobank Nigeria ussd services, with detailed step by step guide on the different transactions that can be carried out with Ecobank ussd quick code for mobile banking.

Ecobank is one of the biggest commercial bank in Nigeria with over 14,000 employees serving over 28 million customers. The bank is known for its outstanding customer relationship and customer services to both small scale businesses and corporate organizations. Ecobank has many competitors in Nigeria and some of those banks are First Bank Plc, Union Bank, FCMB etc.

Ecobank transfer code

Eco Bank Mobile Banking Code

Ecobank Ussd Code is *326#. This is the authentic code Eco bank provided for there customers for easy and fast mobile banking transactions. With this code you can perform transactions like transfer of money, Airtime Top-up, Account Balance check, Bill payment , Data Purchase, Loans Application etc.

Ecobank Mobile Banking Ussd Code For Other African Countries

The Ecobank mobile banking code is not limited to only Nigeria customers, they are other African countries that uses the same code. Example of such countries are;

  • Burundi
  • Chad
  • Guinea
  • Liberia
  • Malawi
  • Mozambique
  • Togo
  • Zimbabwe.

The Mobile banking ussd code for the Above listed countries is *336#.

We have other African countries that you that are not limited from using Ecobank mobile banking code and they are listed below;

  • Uganda Dial *235#
  • Kenya Dial *335#
  • Tanzania Dial *150*18#
  • Cote D’Ivoire Dial *158#
  • Ghana Dial*770#
  • Senegal Dial*2222#
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Ecobank Code For Ussd Registration

You are not eligible to use Ecobank mobile banking code if your account is not activated for such features. To activate your account for Ecobank Mobile banking, you need to have the following information:

  • Ecobank Account Number
  • Registered Sim linked to your phone
  • Phone with good network
  • ATM card details

Once you have the above information dial *326# and follow the on screen command for registration/activation processes.

How To Apply For Ecobank Loan With USSD Code

Union Bank loans are only for Salary earners and Business Owners both the small and corporate organization. If you fall in this categories, all you need to do is dial*326# and follow the on screen command. Maker sure the number you are dialing the code with is linked to your account.

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