Business that Moves Fast in Nigeria (Top 10)

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Do you have capital and don’t know the kind of business that moves fast in Nigeria you will venture into? Then you don’t need to worry anymore this article is for you. This article will introduce you to Top 10 business that moves fast in Nigeria you can start with small and big capital.

It is not only people with big capital that are successful in business, people with small capital can be successful too if only you can follow and guidelines and steps on business that moves fast in Nigeria.

Just like we all know that the sole motive of every business is to maximize profits. In any business you venture into, you need to make sure you are making profit and not loss. Your expenditure shouldn’t exceed your income. Take your time and go through our article and don’t be in a hurry to leave.

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Business that Moves fast in Nigeria you can Start with 10k,20k,30k,40k and 50k

Top 10 Business that Movies Fast in Nigeria

There are business that moves fast in Nigeria that you can start with small capital like 10k,20k,30k,40k,50k to 100k and still make profit. If you want to go into this business Updatebriefly advise you go in consumables goods or products that people purchase on a daily this will help you make more profit on turnover. We will be listing those businesses below with detail explanations.

Business that Moves Fast in Nigeria

Food Stuffs Business

Food stuff business is number one in our list because it involves consumable goods and are bought on a daily basis. But as a beginner with not plenty customers you don’t need to buy plenty goods because the goods are perishable goods and can’t stand taste of time. To avoid you incurring loss. Just buy in small quantity when business start booming then you can start buying in large quantity.

Sachet Water/Bottle Water Business

Sachet Water commonly known as Pure water and bottle water business is number 2 in our list that’s because they are consumable goods too. People drink water every day and because of that the rate of return is very high. this business can be done either buy Hawking or selling the shop. You can also add it to your foodstuff business.

POS Business

Point Of sell common known for it’s abbreviation POS is another lucrative business in Nigeria. You make profit form the amount your charge customers on services or transactions. transactions like money withdrawal,money deposit, Airtime Recharge,bill payments and subscriptions etc.

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How To Start POS Business

If you want to start POS Business you need to register with a license company that issues the machine. But there are criteria you must meet:

  1. You must have a business point.
  2. Capital not less than #50,000
  3. Above 18 years of age.
  4. You must be able to meet your daily budget.

If you can meet those criteria then all you need to do is go to license company and register with them. Banks issues POS in other words you can write application to your bank or Go to companies like Opay, Monie Point, Palmpay etc. And register as agent with them .

Black Market (Fuel and Kerosene) Business

This involves buying of Kerosene and Fuel from station in Large quantity. When you buy from the station all you need to do is look for a stand at maybe in front of your house or at the junction of your street where people can easily reach you and sell in litres.

Selling Recharge Card

Recharging of phones is what people do every day and when you are in a good location where people can easily reach you, then you are up for business. It has high rate of turn over.

Selling Of Smoke Fish and Crayfish

Selling of smoke fish and Crayfish is also a good and lucrative business. They are perishable goods and at thesame time daily consumables goods. It doesn’t require much to start all you need to do is go to market or riverside where they sell fish or crayfish come back to your area and smoke/sell them. People don’t really like going into this business because they feel it’s a dirty business. But it’s very lucrative.

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Cash Wash

Car wash always made our list of small capital business. Washing of car is a neglected business that’s because people are looking down on it . Mehn those guys are really making a huge sum of Money. It doesn’t really cost much the most important thing is to get an open space with nearness to water. Buy detergent and necessary tools. You are up for business.

Selling of Snacks and Mineral

Selling of snacks and mineral with other things like biscuits,Sweets and chewing gum, groundnuts,moi-moi, boiled egg etc. Is a good and lucrative business. Get a location near to school, market or business/busy area and set up your business.

Selling of Fruits

Selling of fruits is a good business to it doesn’t really cost much all you need to do is go to bush market or early market get good fruits. Have a good location in front of your house or the junction where people always pass especially when going or coming back from work.

Buka (Local Restaurant)

This is the last on our list of businesses you start with small capital and that are fast growing in Nigeria. You can sell of things like roasted chicken,fish, plantain and yam.

Business that Moves Fast in Nigeria you can start with 100k and above

Top 10 Business that Moves fast in Nigeria

There are businesses you can start with 100k and above in Nigeria that moves very fast with good profit and high rate of turn over.

  1. Viewing Center
  2. Gas and Fuel Station
  3. Poultry and Fish Farming
  4. Printing of Recharge Card
  5. Selling of Phones and Accessories
  6. Delivery and Logistics Service
  7. Hire Purchase (Okada or Bus)
  8. Selling Okirika
  9. Provision Shops.
  10. Wine Bar Etc.


There are many other businesses that can be done with both small or large Capital that we didn’t list in this article. We will make more research and post here. Feel free to always check back for our updated article.

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