Access Bank Ussd Code For Mobile Banking 2024

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Welcome to Updatebriefly, are you looking for access bank ussd code for mobile? You don’t need to worry any more because you are in the right page. All you need to do is grab a cup of tea and read through our article. In this article, we will be teaching how to use quick code for mobile banking’s like, money transfer, airtime purchase, bills payment, account balance check, data purchase and loan application etc. before we dive into the business of the day, we also wrote about First bank and Zenith bank ussd code for mobile. Feel free to read about them at your own convenient time.

Access Bank Ussd Code

What is Access Bank Ussd Code?

Access Bank Ussd Code is *901#. This is the 3 digit official multipurpose fast code provided by access bank to it’s customer to carry out mobile transaction on there phone.

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How to Register Access Bank Ussd Code For Mobile Banking

Before you can start using access bank quick code, follow the procedure below to register your phone number for mobile banking:

  • Dial *901# on your phone. Make sure the phone number is linked to your account.
  • Follow the on screen command to enter account number and other account/personal details
  • Create PIN and Confirm the PIN.

Once you complete the registration process, you are now eligible for mobile banking.

How to Transfer Money With Access Bank Ussd Code

To transfer money from access to access or from access to other Nigeria banks, simply follow the steps below:

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To Transfer Money From Access Bank to another Access Bank

  • Dial *901*Amount*Receiver’s Account Number#
  • Confirm transaction details
  • Enter your secret PIN and press send to complete transaction.

To Transfer Money From Access Bank to Other Banks

  • Dial *901*Amount*Receiver’s Account Number#
  • Select Receiver’s bank
  • Confirm transaction details
  • Enter your secret PIN and press send to complete transaction.

How to Purchase Airtime and Data With Access Bank Ussd Code

Running out of data or airtime is no more a thing of concern, as the access bank quick code could allow users to purchase airtime or date at any time direct. Follow the simple steps below to buy data or airtime directly from your account.

How to Purchase Airtime For Self

Dial *901*Amount #. Example: *901*1500# and press send to complete airtime topup.

How to Purchase Airtime For Family and Friends

  • Dial *901*Amount*Recipient’s Phone Number #
  • Confirm recipient’s phone number and amount.
  • Enter secret PIN and press send to complete transaction.
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Example: *901*1500*08185886000# press send and enter your Pin to authorize transaction.

Follow the same procedure if you want to buy data directly from you account.

Other Ussd Code For Access Bank Mobile Banking

  • Dial *901*0# to open account with access bank.
  • Dial *901*11# for Payday Loan.
  • Dial *901*5# to check account balance.
  • Dial *901*3*Amount*Merchant code# for merchant payment.
  • Dial *901*3# for bills payment.
  • Dial *901*4*1# Ussd code to generate OTP.
  • 901*911# to deactivate your access bank account from using Ussd quick code.

Access Bank Customer Care Service

For more information about Access Bank quick code for mobile banking, you can visit the bank official website or contact support line by dialing any of the numbers below.

+ 1-2802500 or 07003000000

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

How do I Register for Access Bank Ussd Code?

To register for access bank quick code kindly dial *901# and follow the on-screen command to complete registration process.

Is The Ussd Quick Code Available for All Types of Mobile Phone?

Yes, the quick code is available to all types of mobile phone. It does not require internet to work and the type of phone does not matter.

Can I Transfer Money to Other Banks With the Ussd Code?

Ofcourse, you can transfer money to other banks with the quick code. To transfer money to other banks simply dial *901*Amount*Reciever’s Acc No#and enter your secret PIN to complete transaction.

How Secure are Ussd Code Transactions?

Mobile banking transactions are protected by your secret PIN. Ensure you don’t share your secret PIN with a third party.

Are there Limits for Using Access Bank Ussd Code?

Generally, there is no limit to using this quick code. But for money transfer, your dialy is #100,000 and #5000 for airtime topup.


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