Best Loan App in Nigeria 2024: Top 10 Loan App to Get Instant Loan.

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Are you looking for the best loan app in Nigeria to collect loan? You don’t need to worry anymore, you are in the right page. This article Will introduce it’s readers to the Top 10 apps where you can get instant and quick loan with just few steps.

Today with the current hardship and financial difficulty in the country, many individuals seeks loans for personal use and business purposes. Individuals don’t usually go to traditional banks for loans anymore because of the long processes in approving this loans. So many paperwork and documentations are also reguired including bringing of collateral.

Many lending platforms or institutions have been introduced that offer instant and quick access to small, medium and long term loan to People with low interest rate. They also offer adequate repayment period. We also wrote about Ussd codes for loan in Nigeria. 

Best Loan App in Nigeria 2023

Best loan app in Nigeria

Is Loan App Legit?

Yes, these loan apps are legit. Based on reviews of this app users we can attest they are legit. These platforms are safe, reliable and operate with easy access to there apps. We didn’t find any case of defaming, high interest charge on loan, deduction of money from customers account Etc.

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Which Loan App is the Best in Nigeria

The best loan apps in Nigeria will be listed below. Although there are other best loan apps we will not be listening in this article. But we promise to list them in out next article on best loan apps in Nigeria.

Top 10 Best Loan App in Nigeria With Low Interest Rate

Run down on the best loan apps in Nigeria for Android and IOS phone users.

  • Quickcheck
  • Easymoni
  • Fairmoney
  • Kiakia
  • Okash
  • Palmpay
  • Palm Credit
  • 9credit
  • Branch
  • Lendigo


Quickcheck Loan App

Quickcheck Loan App was ranked number one in our research for Best Loan App in Nigeria. It is s good app and loans are easily granted and immediately disbursed. Interest Rate is superbly low compared to other loan apps. Lastly the app is user friendly with quick access to loan. 

Download Quickcheck HERE


Easymoni loan app

Easymoni ranked second on our research. The app is fast and reliable and the loan submission is very simple and quick. The app is very easy to understand and very easy to use. Based on users review and testimonies the interest rate is very low compared to other loan apps.

Download Easymoni App HERE

Fairmoney App

Fairmoney App

Fairmoney loan app is very good, very easy to use, simple procedure and low interest rate. It’s a good platform to borrow money from with fast loan review speed. If you need money urgently you can download the app HERE and borrow money from them the software is fine and loan repayment period is convenient.

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Kiakia Loan App

Kiakia loan App

This is another sure app you can get Instant Loan from here in Nigeria. They have very good customer feedbacks and so many 5 star reviews. Their help desk is always ready and prompt with replies. All you need to do is download the app here and get on with registration.

Download Kiakia Loan App HERE


Okash loan

Okash is another good app to get both short and long term loan. Very good and helpful loaning platform.  Just that the interest on loan is a bit much high and the service fee as well might be a little discouraging. But if the investors can try some considerable measures by adjusting the service fee and making it affordably easier and much more convenient due to the applicant circumstances, then it’s a very good and recommendable loan app.

Download Okash App HERE


Palmpay loan

Palmpay is another sure platform to borrow money and quick loan in Nigeria. There transactions are always smooth and fast. This app is also stable, reliable and incredibly easy to use. Their loan transfer is fast and instant with low interest charge. Go-to playstore to download there application.

Download Palmpay loan app HERE

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PalmCredit Loan

PalmCredit is another top app on our list of best loan app in Nigeria. Excellent app very fast in registration and loan disbursement. No complain or negative review about them. Their interest on low is very low and no paperwork or Collateral to borrow money from them.

Download PalmCredit HERE

9Credit Loan

9credit Loan app

The next among best loan apps in Nigeria is 9credit. The app is a nice application, quick and easy to disburse money. You can get a loan for as low as #2000 and as high as #100000 straight from the application. Convenient loan repayment period with low interest charge.

Download 9credit Loan App HERE


Branch Loan app

With branch Loan app on your phone, you can get quick and instant loan for personal use or business purpose. Brach loan app is one of the best in Nigeria with plenty 5 star rating and reviews from customers.

Branch offers loan UpTo #500,000 with low interest charge.

Download Branch Loan App HERE


Lendigo loan app

Lendigo is the last on our list of best loan apps in Nigeria. This loan app might not sound popular but they are among the best loan apps.

Lendigo have gathered over 1 millions borrowers on there platform. The app interface is super user friendly and easy to use with all this added makes the meet the list of best loan apps.

Download Lendigo loan app HERE


The above listed Loan Apps are the best loan apps on Nigeria. Tho there are so many others we didn’t include but we will be listing them on our next article on best loan apps. If you have any question please drop them in the comment section Good Bye.

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