Bag Of Rice Price In Nigeria 2024 (Updated Price)

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To know the Bag of rice price in Nigeria,  individuals need to know that rice dealers fix price based on some factors like, dollar exchange rate, transportation to market, brand and even fuel price.

Rice is a common cereal or grain people eat across the world. Most people and culture eat rice and use it to prepare many dishes in Nigeria and the world at large.

In Nigeria,  Rice can be prepared in different ways such as Fried rice, jellof rice, coconut rice, White rice, tuwo chinkafa, kwunu geda, mtn rice (palm oil rice) etc. White rice can be used to eat different foods in Nigeria such as Tomatoe stew, chicken sauce, banga soup, pepper soup and many others.

Apart from eating rice in Nigerian homes, rice is regarded as one of the best food to serve people at ceremonies like wedding, birthday party, funeral etc. Nigerians believes a ceremony is not complete if rice is not in the list of guest food. Without wasting much of your time, let’s dive into the business of the day.

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Bag Of Rice Price In Nigeria

Current Bag of Rice Price in Nigeria

The current Price of 50kg Bag of Rice in Nigeria is #85,000 (Eighty-five thousand naira). The increase on the price of rice is caused by continuous increase in dollar exchange rate and many other factors.  

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Factors Affecting Bag of Rice Price in Nigeria

Here are some of the factors that affects the rice price in Nigeria;

  • Dollar Exchange Rates
  • Import Duties
  • Government Policies
  • Transportation and Distribution Cost
  • Weather Conditions
  • Storage and Warehousing Facilities
  • Production Levels
  • Consumers Demand

Health Benefits Of Rice

Rice is very rich in carbohydrates, providing energy for the body, particularly important for people with high energy requirements such as athletes. Rice also contains essential nutrients such as iron, calcium,  B-Vitamins (thiamine,  niacin, and riboflavin), and dietary fiber,  contributing to overall health and well-being.

Different Rice Types in Nigeria

In Nigeria,  there are 3 main types of rice. Below are the main types of rice in Nigeria.

Stoned Rice

Stoned rice also known as sand rice, are local rice cultivated in Nigeria and is usually unpolished. It’s is very sweet and is often preferred for its nutritional benefits. Some of this rice are Ofada rice and Abakaliki Rice etc.

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Cost of Sand Rice

Stoned Free Rice

Stoned Free Rice also known as sand free rice, are local rice cultivated in Nigeria and Is usually polished.  It is also sweet and has nutritional benefits to. Example of such rice are parboiled rice.

Cost of Stone Free Rice

Foreign Rice

Foreign Rice are commonly imported rice, these type of rice are polished rice, cultivated in foreign countries like Thailand and India etc. It has sweet taste and is commonly used for special occasions and festival meals.

Cost of Price of Foreign Rice

Current Prices of 50Kg Rice in Nigeria

Current Prices of 25Kg Rice in Nigeria

Current Bag Of Rice Price In Nigeria By Location

How Much Is A Painter Of Rice?

A painter of foreign rice range between #6,000-#7,000, while local rice range between #3,000-4,000.

A cup if foreign Rice is #500, while that of local rice is #250-#300.


In conclusion,  rice Prices is Nigeria fluctuated based on many factors as mentioned above. A 50kg Bag of Rice is sold at price range of #60,000-#85,000 currently, while 25kg of rice is sold at #25,000-#42,500. There are other local and foreign rice that are cheaper and costly. Readers should stay updated on current prices to get the best price when buying rice.

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