Most Ugliest Man In The World 2024 (Updated With Photos)

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Hello, are you curious to know The Most Ugliest Man In The World? What he looks like? Well worry no more because Updatebriefly will explain everything you need to know know about the most Ugliest Man In The World, his biography and photos.  Previously,  we wrote article on the the Top Ugliest men in the world, you can also read it to know other Ugliest men in the world. Without wasting much of your time, let’s dive into the business of the day.

The Most Ugliest Man In The World

Who Is The Most Ugliest Man In The World?

The Most Ugliest Man In World is Godfrey Baguma also known as Ssebabi. Godfrey is from Uganda, born in 1973 (age 51 years). He is a famous Uganda shoe maker, singer and comedian popularly known for his ugly appearance.  Godfrey is the only child of his parents, he was born as a normal child, but as we was growing up, he started developing tumor in his head that disfigured his face and made him look ugly.

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Godfrey was diagnosed with fibrodysplasia, this is a rare muskuloskeletal condition which affects the growth and placement of the cells and tissues. The exact cause of this sickness is not known, but it is believe to be due to a chemical defect in a specific bone protein.  This defect may be due to gene mutation during birth. Fortunately for Godfrey, this fibrodysplasia cannot be transmitted to his Children or families.

Biography Of The Most Ugliest Man In The World

Name: Godfrey Baguma

Year of Birth: 1973

Nationality: Mbarara, Uganda.

Occupation: Entertainer and Shoe Maker

Networth: $10,000.

Spouse: Kate Namanda.

Number of Children: 8 children.

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Photos Of Godfrey Baguma And His Family

Godfrey Baguma and His 3 Wives

Most Ugliest Man and His Family

Most Ugliest Man In The World and His Wife

How Many Wife Does Godfrey Baguma Have?

Godfrey married three wives, but is presently staying with this second and third wife (Kate Namanda).

Ssebabi divorced his first wife over claim of infidelity,  she had two children for him. The second wife had only 1 child and the last wife gave birth to 5 children. He married her in 2013.


Godfrey Baguma became popular in 2002 when he took part in word Ugliest Man Contest,  beating other contestants as the world Most Ugliest man. This man is a real definition of uou can be anything you want to be in life regardless of your look or background. Most people with his same condition might be in the street begging or blaming God for creating them that way. Ssebabi made use of his ugly appearance and inability to ability.

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