Ugliest Man in The World: Top 5 Ugliest Man in World With Photos.

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Who is the Ugliest Man in the World?

When it comes to beauty, it is always said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. but this statement is not attributed to ugly people.
There are countless articles and discussion about the most beautiful and attractive people in the world, it also important to recognize that beauty comes in all form.
In this article readers will be introduce to the Top 5 ugliest man in the world. Please note that this ranking is purely based on appearance and physical looks without any intention to disrespect or offend anyone.
However, lets have a look at the world’s most ugliest man and why they are so.

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Top 5 Ugliest Man in The World

The Ugliest People in World

  • Godfrey Baguma

Ugliest man in the world

Godfrey Baguma, a man known for his ugly facial looks, tops our list of the ugliest man in the world. with a crooked nose, bulging eyes, and scattered teethes. he has won the Guinness record for his ugly facial look. he was born in Uganda where he reside as well. Godfrey is a shoe maker by profession. However, his ugly look has has made him famous, as many appreciate his personality and the confidence he exudes.

  • William Masvinu


Ugliest Men in the world

William Masvinu, a name that should come to your mind when talking about world’s most ugliest people. William is from Zimbabwe and tops second in our list of ugly men. His unconventional charm lies in his captivating personality and charisma. Zimbabwe usually run Mr. Ugly, a contest that is meant to celebrate the ugly ones among. the purpose of this contest is to make people like William feel loved and special. William has has won the contest each time it is conducted as the most ugly man in Zimbabwe.

  • Mason Sere


Top 5 ugliest man in the world

Mason Sere, a man known for his ugly smile, his ugly smile/scattered teeth’s seems to be his signature. Mason ranks third position on our list and has enjoyed the tittle of the ugliest man in Zimbabwe. He defeated William Masinu who held the title for a very long time. Mason has so much confidence in himself and this positive attitude proves that true beauty surpass physical appearance. Mason has also won the Zimbabwe most ugliest man award. He collected the tittle from Williama Masvinu.

  • Joshua Glen Box


Ugliest people in the world

Joshua Glen, often referred to as “child predator” by people and his friends, possesses a face that is deformed and different from societal standards of beauty. Joshua looks ugly. he was charged with child porn in 2015 and this made him want to commit suicide. he shot himself on the face unfortunately for him, Joshua survived the gun shot. and this action resulted to his deformed face.

  • Michael Berryman

Michael berryman

Michael Berryman is one of the ugliest man in the world, the American actor was born September 4, 1948. He was born with hyperhidrotic ectodermal dysplasia that is characterized by absence of sweat glands, hair and nails. Berryman ugly look secured him many roles in the America movie industry. He has featured is popular movies like The Hill Have Eyes and The Evil Within. Michael has also been featured in many other scary movies. His ugly was really profitable to him.

 Other Ugliest People in the World

Here are some other ugly people in the world and there photos.

  • Dennis Avner

Dennis Avner

  • Erik Sprague

Erik Sprague

  • Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace

  • Rick Genest

Ugliest People in the world

  • Kala Kaiwo

Who are the ugliest People in the world


The is important to appreciate our looks and societal appearance, it doesnt matter if your are beautiful or ugly what matters is the uniqueness thats lies within us. We are all beautiful in our own ways, so the ugly ones should not be treated with disrespect. just like d adage that says beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Frequently Asked Questions on Ugliest Man in the World

Are this Ranking Based on Facial appearance?

Yes, this ranking is based on facial appearance of the individuals mentioned above. we don’t intend to disrespect or demean any one.

Are these men comfortable with there looks?

well we can speak for any of the individuals mentioned above, but we believed they have embraced there uniqueness and learn to live with it.

Can someone be both ugly and beautiful at the same time?

Yes, it is possible for one to be ugly and be beautiful at the same time. you might be beautiful and have ugly by societal standards and appearance.

What can we learn from this individuals?

The moral lesson is you should appreciate your look, have self love and embrace our differences.

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