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Mtn Ussd Codes (Updated List)

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Are you having problems trying to check your account balance,buy data, borrow data, borrow airtime, check account balance etc. This problems are due to the change of ussd codes by MTN. This article introduces it’s reader to the New Mtn Ussd Codes with steps and detailed guidelines.Before we go into the business of the day let’s briefly discussion USSD codes.

Ussd Codes

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data Popularly Known as Ussd is a combination of numbers or service provided by all network providers that enables subscribers or customers performance self services on there network or phones. The service does not require internet to work.

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New Mtn New Codes

The MTN legendary code *556# have been changed to *310# this is now the new Mtn Ussd codes provided by mtn after the review of ussd commands by NCC. Below are the new ussd codes provided by MTN for subscribers:

How to Check Account Balance on Mtn

To check account balance simply Dial *310# and your account balance will pop up on your screen or an sms will be sent to you.

How to Recharge Airtime on Mtn

To recharge airtime simply dial *311*Pin# Send. Example*311* then you copy the pin on the airtime voucher you bought from the shop then you press # .

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How to Buy Data Bundle on Mtn

To buy data with Ussd Code simply dial *312#. List of data plans will pop up on your screen, select or choose your preferred choice of data purchase.

How to Check Data Balance on Mtn

To check your data balance on Mtn simply *323#.

How to Borrow Airtime/Data on Mtn

To borrow data or airtime on MTN simply dial*303#. And make your choice of borrow.

How to Share Data on Mtn

To share data to your friends and family, simply Dial*321#. And select the amount of data you want to send.

How to Link My NIN to My Mtn Number

To link your NIN to your MTN number simply dial *996# and follow the screen command.

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MTN Customer Care Number

To contact MTN customer care number, simply dial 300 on your phone or Visit there official website

Retained Mtn Ussd Codes

There are certain codes that where not Changed by the commission and those codes are listed below.

  • DND: 2442
  • Porting Service: 3232
  • NIN Linkage: *996#.

The new codes will take effect from may 2023 and olds codes will stop working on Mtn lines. Hope you enjoyed your stay here. Do have a nice day and don’t forget to check for other related post.



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