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MTN Cheapest Data Plan, Subscription Codes and Prices 2024

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Are you tired of running out of data in a middle of a task, is slow internet speed frustrating you? MTN has your back with a range of data plans available for your needs. In this article, we will explain to you the different types of MTN cheapest data plan or bundles for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly subscription.

Mtn data does not work only on Mobile phone, they work on other gadgets like Modem, Mifi, Rauter, computer, Laptop, smart television etc.

In this digital age staying connected is not all about being rich or having money, it is a necessity. MTN is a leading telecommunication in Nigeria and other African Countries. In this world driven by connectivity, MTN has emerged as the frontrunner in providing exceptional data that helps to solve users needs. Mtn data plans are designed to keep you connected at all time to enjoy social media, unlimited video streaming and browsing. Without wasting much of your time, let’s dive into the business of the day.

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MTN Cheapest Data Plan

Types of MTN Data Plans

Daily Data Plan

This is for people who don’t have much use for data or people who don’t have money to buy bigger Bundles. Mtn offers a daily plan that provide a limited but sufficient amount of data for things like checking social media and sending message.

Weekly Data Plan

If you are a moderate data user, this weekly plan is better for you. The plan offer more data than the daily plan and is more suitable for social media, browsing and streaming videos.

Monthly Data Plan

This monthly plan is for heavy data consumers. They offer more data than daily and weekly plans for streaming, browsing, online gaming, social media chat, online video and voice call, browsing and other heavy data consuming activities.

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Best MTN Tariff Plan For Data

MTN has made it easy for customers to buy affordable data to access the internet without stress. Below are the best MTN tariff plan for data and Ussd code to join them.

  1. MTN Pulse to join simply dial *406*1# or *123*2*2#. Or you can Text 406 to 131 via SMS to select the best plan to suites you.
  2. MTN Xtra Value Tariff Plan to join simply dial *131*2# or *123*2*5#.
  3. Xtra Special Prepaid Plan to move to this plan simply dial *408*1# or dial *123*2*4#.
  4. Xtra Special Postpaid to move to this plan simply dial *312*4# or *310#. Or you can Text 2 to 312 via SMS.

Alternatively, you can login to MTN App or MTN web and follow the simple steps to move to any of these tariff plan for data.

  • Go to browser and login to MyMTN web.
  • Enter your MTN phone number.
  • Enter the OTP sendt to your phone and press proceed.
  • Go-to the top right corner of the home page and Click your name.
  • Select the tariff plan you want for data and press proceed.
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Cheapest MTN Data Plan

MTN Cheapest Daily Data Plan

This plan is the most subscribed plan among many Nigerians. The offer Valid for 24hrs, while some 2-3 days. Check out some of the package and there subscription codes.

MTN Cheapest Weekly Data Plan

The Following are the best Weekly plans and there subscription code..

MTN Cheapest Monthly Data Plan

The Following are the best Monthly plans for customers and there subscription codes.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Can I Rollover Used Data for all MTN Plans?

No, data rollover is available to specific plans. Check the plan details for more information.

How Do I Share Data With Others?

Simply dial *312*8# and follow the on-screen instructions to share data with family and friends.

Are the Monthly Plan Suitable for Online Gaming?

Yes, the monthly plan is suitable for on-line gaming and other related activities like video calls, voice call and video streaming Etc.

What Happens If I Exhaust My Data Before the Plan’s Validity Ends?

If you exhaust your data before the Plan’s Validity Ends, you can choose to purchase new data or wait till the Plan’s renewable date.

Can I Subscribe to a New Plan Before My Current Plan Expires?

Yes, you can subscribe to new plan at any time of your choice. It does not have any effect on your current data.

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