Xtracash Loan: How to Get a Loan from Xtracash Nigeria.

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Xtracash Loan is one of the best Loan platform or institution that lends money to people online without Collateral or paperwork. But people have been curious lately they want to know if Xtracash  Loan app is legit or scam. In this article we will provide answer to this question based on users review and customer’s app rating.

This curiosity is based on so many fake loan app that have been defaming people, charging high interest rate on loan and deduction of money from customers account without authorization. Also remember we promised not to write review on loan apps we are not very sure of, our review is based on users rating and testimonies.

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Xtracash Loan

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Is Xtracash Loan App Legit?

Yes, this App is a legit loan app in term of giving out Loan or lending money to people online. They are very fast and the app is user friendly. Xtracash Loan app is one of the top rated loan app and alsoe one of the most downloaded app.

Xtracash Loan Repayment Duration

People are also asking what’s the repayment period anyways we will be answering the question here to. The truth is that this loan app repayment duration depends on you transactions history with them. If you are prompt with repayment of the previous loan given to you, your repayment period will be extended to 6 months with option to pay installmentaly.

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The last time we borrowed money from this app, we were given 3 months to repay. And the payment was don installmentaly for those 3 months.

Xtracash Loan Interest Rate

Xtracash Loan interest rate varies around 12%-18%. Interest rate is calculated based on credit score or loan duration. The longer the repayment period the higher the interest on loan vice versa.

Do Xtracash Loan App Defame?

Defaming of people is very common among loan apps. Because of this people are afraid to collect loan aon from loan apps. Xtracash have no record of such we didn’t see any claim of defaming. So feel free to lend money from them.

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Eligibility Requirements For Xtracash Loan

You must meet the following criteria in other to borrow money from Xtracash:

  • You must be 18 years and above.
  • You must be a resident of Nigeria.
  • You must have Account with any Nigeria Bank.
  • You must have an ATM card with the bank.
  • You must have an active Sim card linked to your bank.
  • You must have a smart phone.

How to Register With Xtracash Loan

Follow the steps below to register with Xtracash:

  • Go-to Play Store and Search For Xtracash Loan.
  • Download and Install loan app.
  • Launch app and follow on screen command to proceed registration.
  • Carefully input your Personal and Bank details.
  • Accept Loan Terms and Conditions if it’s okay by you.
  • Choose Loan amount.
  • Wiat for Loan approval. When you loan is approved, it will be disbursed into your submitted bank account.

How can I Contact Mint Loan?

If you have additional questions you would love to ask about the platform, you are contact them through any of the means Below.


Email Address: [email protected]




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