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How To Change MTN Tariff Plan in 2024 [Updated Guide]

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This article is about how to change MTN tariff plan, this updated guide will help you learn how to change from one MTN plan to another.

There are so many reasons why people change tariff plan, some change there tariff plans because they want to enjoy low call rate, some want to enjoy bonus on recharge, some due to specific offers or promotions etc.

Those are some reasons why people change tariff plan. Whether you find it perfect reason of not, in this article, I will explain how you can change your current tariff plan to another and all you need to know about Mtn tariff plans.

What Is MTN Tariff Plan?

An MTN tariff plan is a specific pricing structure or set of charges offered by MTN, to their subscribers. These plans determine the rates at which users are billed for services such as calls, SMS, and data usage. Each tariff plan comes with its own set of benefits such as discount on call rates, bonus on airtime recharge, bonus on data purchase, special promotions etc.

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how to change mtn tariff plan

Important Things To Note Before Migrating From One MTN Tariff Plan To Another

Before Migrating from one tariff plan to another,  here are the important things you need to know about the new plan.

  • Call Rates and Charges: check the new tariff plans call rate and charges to ensure it suits your usage and affordability.
  • Date Packages: check the price of data package offered by the new plan. Ensure it offer the amount of data you need at affordable rate.
  • Promotions and Bonuses: check the special promotions,  bonuses and discounts that come with the new tariff paln and consider if it’s better than your current plan.
  • Migration Fees: First time migration is usually free, check the cost of migration before switching your tariff plan.
  • Terms and Conditions: take time to read the terms and conditions guiding tariff paln migration to avoid surprises and misunderstanding.
  • Customers Review: take time to go through customers review about the new tariff plan and see if there experience is satisfactory.
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MTN Tariff Plans and Migration Codes

How To Change MTN Tariff Plan in Nigeria

To migrate from one tariff plan to another,  dial *123# and follow on-screen command to complete the process.

however,  you can change your mtn tariff plan with any of the methods listed below;

  • Via USSD Code.
  • Via MYMTN APP.
  • Via Customer Care Support.
  • Via Internet Service.

How To Change Tariff Plan on MTN Via USSD Code

To change tariff plan via USSD Code, follow the steps below;

  • Dial *123# on your MTN line.
  • Choose Option 2 to see different MTN tariff plans.
  • Select your preferred tariff plan to migrate.
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How To Change Tariff Plan on MTN Via MYMTN APP

To change tariff plan via MYMTN Mobile App, follow the steps below;

  • For Android users goto Google Play Store.
  • For IOS users goto Appstore.
  • Search for MYMTN APP.
  • Download and Install the app.
  • Register your mtn line with the app.
  • After registration,  login to the App.
  • Click on your current tariff plan.

How to Change Tariff plan

  • Click on change plan.


  • Select your preferred tariff paln and tap continue.

Mtn XtraValue

  • Click on confirm migration to complete migration process process.


How To Change MTN Tariff Plan Via Customer Care Support

To change tariff plan via MTN customer care support,  simply dial 300, follow voice instructions and wait for MTN customer representative to pick up. Tell them you ant to change your tariff plan and your preferred choice of plan.

How To Change MTN Tariff Plan Via Internet Service

To change tariff plan via Internet Service,  simply visit MTN official website to change your tariff plan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will changing My tariff plan affect my current data and call balance??

No, it will not affect your main call and data balance.  It if only affect your bonus balance. However,  if the plan you are migrating to offers such bonuses, both you main and bonus balance will be transferred to the new plan.

Can I change my tariff plan multiple times?

Yes, you can change your tariff plan multiple times.

Will changing my tariff plan on MTN incur any additional charges?

No, Migrating from one plan to another within a month is free.

What is the best tariff plan on MTN?

MTN Pulse is considered one of the best tariff plan because if it’s wide range of benefits.

How do I switch to MTN Yafun Yafun?

To switch back to mtn yafun yafun, simply dial *123*2*6# to migrate.

How do I check my MTN tariff plan?

To Check your MTN tariff plan, dial *123*1#. You will receive an sms stating your current tariff plan.

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