How Much is Bag Of Rice in Nigeria 2024 (Updated)

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Rice is one of the commonly consumed food in Nigeria, not just in Nigeria but the world at large. Rice is enjoyed by millions of people across the country/world. It serve as a source of livelihood for the farmers/middle class and play a crucial role in the country’s economy. In this article we talk about How Much is a Bag of Rice in Nigeria for both Foreign and Local rice.

Importance of Rice in Nigeria

Rice is an important food in Nigeria. It is the most consumed cereal food, it serves as a primary source of carbohydrates and nutrients, making it a vital part of Nigeria diet.

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Health and Nutritional Benefits of Rice

Rice is not only sweet but also offer essential nutrients that contribute to balance diets.

How much is a bag of rice in Nigeria

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Types of Rice Available in Nigeria

There are two (2) major types of Rice in Nigeria:

  • Local Rice

These are indigenous rice produced in the country. Example of such rice are Abakaliki and Ofada rice. Many Nigerians prefer this local Rice to the imported one.

Ofada Rice

  • Foreign Rice

This are imported rice from different countries like China and Thailand. This rice are widely available in Nigeria market.

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Price of bag of rice in Nigeria

Factors Affecting Price of Rice in Nigeria

There are factors affecting the price of rice in Nigeria. Due to these factors the price of rice is not stable. Most times the price is high and sometimes low. Here are the factors that affect rice price in Nigeria:

  • Demand and Supply.
  • Transportation and Distribution cost.
  • Import Policies.
  • Currency Exchange Rate.
  • Climate and Agricultural Factors.

Price of Bag of Rice in Nigeria

For those asking How is a bag of rice in Nigeria, the price of a bag of rice is between #32,000-#38,000 for local Rice, While for foreign rice it is between #42,000-#46,000.

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Types of Rice You Can Easily get in Nigeria

Below are list of rice you can easily get in Nigeria market:

  • Mama’s Pride
  • Mama’s Choice
  • Bull Rice
  • Ebonyi Rice
  • Garawa Rice
  • Mango Rice
  • 3 Brothers Rice
  • Ofada Rice
  • Labana Rice
  • Mama Africa
  • Elephant Rice
  • Royal Stallion
  • Mama Gold etc.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

What is the current price of rice in Lagos?

The price of a bag of rice in Lagos is between #35,000-#40,000. Rice is cheaper in this region because of it’s closeness to border.

How does the price of local rice compare to imported rice?

The price of local rice is supposed to be cheaper than the improrted rice, it is not so because demand is greater than supply and this resulted to increase in price of local rice. As it stands now the difference between the cost of local and foreign rice is very small.

Are there any subsidies available for rice farmers in Nigeria?

Yes, the Nigeria government have approved #60billion for rice subsidy program. The aim of the program is to reduce the program is to bring down the price of rice in the country.

Can I order Nigerian rice online and have it delivered to me across the country?

Yes, you can buy rice from any part of the country and have it delivered to you.


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