How Much Is a Bag of Beans in Nigeria (Updated Price)

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No need to waste money on transport going to the market to ask beans sellers for how Much Is a Bag of Beans.

In this article,  we will help you answer that question and also give you other informations you need to know about the price of beans and beans in general.  Beans are measured in 100kg, 50kg, 25kg, painter (custard paint rubber bucket), mudu and cup.

There are different types of beans in Nigeria, which includes; Oloyin beans, Olotu beans, small Oloyin and white beans etc. This are the common beans in Nigeria market.

Beans are good for your health, it contains both protein and carbohydrates. They can be cooked in different ways including, boiling,  frying,  and baking, and are used for many traditional dishes throughout Nigeria and the world at large.

Types of Beans in Nigeria Market

Here are some popular types of beans in the market;

  1. Honey (Oloyin) Beans.
  2. Brown (Olotu) Beans.
  3. White (Iron) Beans.
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Honey Beans

Honey beans commonly known are Ewa Oloyin amongst the yorubas. This type of beans is very sweet and rich in protein fiber. This type of beans is the more costly than other type of beans. Every one loves Honey beans especially the elderly ones because of its richness.

How Much Is a Bag of Beans in Nigeria

Brown Beans

This type of beans is known as Ewa Olotu by thr yorubas. The beans has a unique sweet taste and mouth watering feeling.  When preparing this type of beans you are advised to cook it until it gets very soft, that’s only when you can feel the real taste.

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Price of bag of beans in Nigeria

 White Beans

White beans is popularly known as iron beans. It is the cheapest and most common beans in the Nigeria market.  Food vendors usually cook white beans because it is affordable and more profitable. It also rich in protein and carbohydrates.

Iron Beans

How Much Is a Bag of Beans in Nigeria

Prices of Bag of Beans in Nigeria 2024

The price of beans varies by type, location and market you are purchasing from. The price of a bag of beans in Nigeria is listed below:

Best Market You Can Buy Beans at Cheap Price

Here are some of the states or markets you can buy beans at cheaper price.

  • Abia State Main Market in Aba.
  • Plateau State Main Market.
  • Gboko Market in Benue State.
  • Mile 12 Market in Lagos State.
  • Food Market Bauchi State.
  • Food Market Zamfara State.
  • Groceries Store Kebbi State.
  • Groceries Store Jigawa State.
  • Groceries Store Jos State.
  • Food Market Sokoto State.
  • Food Market Kawo, Kaduna State.
  • Food Market Kano State.
  • Ugheli Main Market,  Delta State.
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Factors Affecting Price of Beans in Nigeria

  • Weather and Climate.
  • Government Policies.
  • Currency Exchange Rate.
  • Transportation and Distribution Cost.
  • Demand and Population Growth.
  • Storage and Warehousing.
  • Competition with other crops.
  • Climate change and environmental factor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many painter if beans is in one bag?

There are 16 painter (custard paint rubber bucket) of beans in one full bag.

What can I make with beans?

Aside porridge beans, beans can be use to make Moi Moi, Akara, Gbegiri soup and other dishes.

When is the best time to buy beans at lower price?

The best time to buy beans are cheap price is usually during dry or harvest seasons when the market is flooded with supply.

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